Monday, November 5, 2012

It’s Been Awhile

I can’t believe it has been shy of four months since my last post. I didn’t realize time has slipped away this much until I was getting concern emails, notes and texts. A lot has been stirring in my corner, but all is good and just trying to juggle time and things on my plate. I thought of maybe putting a “close” sign up on my blog, but that doesn’t feel right at the moment. I so miss my quiet mornings visiting you and your blogs, but have been able to still connect with some of you through Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 
Let me see,  a few things have happened or changed besides the season, since my last post. I feel safe now to share with you, my friend Catherine, who was diagnosed a year ago with cancer and not a good chance to survive is now cancer free! Thank goodness my prayers were answered.  I knew of this great news for several months, but was afraid to jump too high, I guess out of fear that I didn’t hear correctly or that maybe it would come back. She was in a trial study and managed to make it through the difficult trial and is now cancer free. She has some nasty aftermath from the cancer and treatments, but is a trooper working through it all.
As you know the original break from the blog was because of the sudden death of a friend, around this time I was left with once again a lot of questions, stirring up old and new ones. Questions I am working through, along with trying to balance life’s calmness and busyness. The last several months I have also increased my hours at work to shy of working full-time, which leaves me little time here or for anything else. The company I work for is moving to the city, but as of now I will be able to continue to work out of my employer’s home office and from home. Gary and I have managed through some spare time to get away to the cabin, my corner I like to call peace. Actually we officially will be calling it Casa de Paz (House of Peace), once two very special artist friends from here completes the sign.   
Even though my schedule is full for me, I was starting to miss volunteering - always have done it and probably always will. There is no better pleasure for my heart then to roll up my sleeves and help others.  Even though I enjoyed CASA, I also knew it isn’t fair at this time to the children of CASA to go back with limited time. I happened to see a post on Facebook about a lost pup- I don’t know what possessed me to contact this gal, but one thing led to another and felt in my heart this is where I want to try and help, working behind the scenes with animal rescue. Her name is, Dana and she is working with a town that has little money, so by the time the small allowance gets to the animals there is little left. I know of this town, because one of my CASA kids lived there. It is a place where it has been known not to be safe after dark. Which made me want to help all the more the animals that don’t have a voice to be heard. I don’t mind reaching out and asking for donations. I figure the worse that could happen I would hear the words “sorry we can’t”. I have even decided on my ETSY shop, from Oct through Dec, I would give a portion to animal rescue. I have been thinking of continuing this idea, to give to rescue even after December. I love ribbon and some dear friends of mine have managed to help me with this love, so why not spread the love. OK maybe some would say my love for ribbon is an addiction, but ribbons seem to make everything so pretty and now hopefully will be able to help animals until they find their way home (as I like to call it).

I took the photo above of Bo with my iPhone at the cabin. It cracks me up and hope it adds a smile to your day. Can't you just read his mind?
I wish I could say I will be able to get back to blogging on a regular base and I will try my best, but I hope you will continue to stop by from time to time and say hi. I will hop over from time to time to visit your corners.   
Don't forget to take time to find life's smallest treasures!
Many hugs and kisses xo…
 Every day might not be good… but there is something good in everyday
~Author unknown~


:) said...

I'm glad to read you today... and hope everything will be right for your friend and you now... So, with Bo and your words, here are two smiles for you.

If you want I am ts_ot_li on Instagram.

Have a sweet day

ibb said...

It is so nice to find you here again. And that good news, and that new place Casa de the name.

I know how difficult is to find time with a full time work...hope you to manage to be here again...

Kristin said...

Dear Joyce, I am very glad to hear from you. We may look on facebook or instagram, but your posts I've missed. Your Bo looks up as he did not want to get up from his cozy spot. I can understand him well. I would not want to get up. :)I like the pictures of your cabin. It is located in a beautiful setting. That must be a wonderful place to rest.

Ina in Alaska said...

We are still here (and on Facebook, etc.) So glad for your friend Catherine!!!

Just post as you can. I understand.

Love the photo of Bo on his very cozy looking bed!!! Many hugs Joyce!! xoxo

Divine Theatre said...

It's so nice to hear from you. I was gone so I did not know about your friend. I am so very sorry. I truly am.
We do animal rescue. There is no greater feeling in the world! If you don't have lots of time, rescues are always looking for transporters. Transporters take turns bringing animals to safety. Usually, the animals we transport come from Louisiana, an individual drives them at one or two hour increments, then hands them off to the next driver, until they reach the safety of a rescue, foster home or adopter. Please spread the word! With climbing fuel prices there are fewer volunteers but we need them more than ever!
I am so happy you are back!



George The Lad said...

Pleased to hear from you again, blogging does take alot of time. I always say "get away from the PC there's a world outside, go and enjoy it" I find I can blog but not have the time to visit all the blogs I follow.
I'm pleased your friend is well and
Bo's face is pricless on that photo
Have a good week
Jan,George and Tess xxx

Francesca said...

Hi Joyce, so glad to hear all the good news! It all seems good to me: work, questions to ask, projects, cabin, and of course, the wonderful answer to your preyers - it makes my heart sing with joy!
I'm happy that you didn't close this door, and hope that you will manage to open it now and then, and whenever you feel like. (I'm not terribly good with keeping up with all the other "social network" tools).
Hugs to Catherine, and to you my friend.

kks said...

such a wonderful update, thank you for sharing your life can become hectic, trying to remain peaceful in an often hectic world is a seeing the dogs that need homes on many in need, thanks for helping the animals....

Dana said...

It is so great to see you here, Joyce! I have missed you and thought of you often. I have also thought about your friend and it gave me chills to hear that she is now cancer free! So thrilled!!

Love seeing little Bo! His face is priceless.


Elisa {With Grace and Eve} said...

Your cabin looks beautiful, and I love the name you have chosen for it. Wishing you joy and peace xx

Formerly known as Frau said...

Omg I almost missed this rare post...I was sick and busy this week not online much. I'm over the moon happy to hear about your friend. Love the name of cabin it's perfect! I'm sorry you are so busy, I'm happy you found a project where you can help, I will certainly do my best to give if I can. As for that sweet Bo I think he is saying "what" oh no not another picture! heehee he is a doll.

Cindy said...

glad to hear all of your new good news and thank goodness for twitter/instagram where i still find you! xo, c

S. Etole said...

It's always good to find you here.

Leslie said...

so very glad to hear your friend is cancer-free. what good news! and you seem like the perfect person to help in animal rescue, too (although i'm not sure bo is too happy being the poster child ;)

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

JOYCE!! So lovely to see you back! Your casa de paz is JUST that...I can tell by Bo's face!

Cobalt Violet said...

So happy your friend is Ok! I totally get needing the break. I remember when I was doing 2 or 3 posts a week a couple of years ago! Glad I get to see you on our other little fun tools. Instagram is so easy and doesn't feel like a commitment.

Anyway, it's good to get a more in-depth update.
blessings and light to you!

Kwana said...

I'm so happy to see you back. Thanks for sharing all that has gone on. I'm thrilled about your friend. Hugs to Bo.

Kari said...

always good to read from you.
happy to hear about your dear friend - so wonderful.
take care.

Theresa said...

Thanks for the update! I am so happy that your friend has regained health. What a blessing. Sending love, T

flowtops said...

Oh Joyce, life has this tendency to throw it all at you, doesn't it? And you just have to catch, or drop a few balls, which none of us like doing (but we end up doing any way).

Wonderful news about your friend, and all the other news you shared glows with growth.

That Mr. Bo sure looks like he belongs!


(off the blogging wagon till the end of this year, probably)

suburban prep said...

Hope that you Gary and the little Mr Bo are doing well as we get closer to the Christmas holidays and to your anniversary.

All the best

Leslie said...

So very good to have an update from you, and to hear you are doing well (and I'm thrilled for your friend, Catherine. May she continue to heal from the effects of her treatments.) I think animal rescue is a perfect avenue for your generous heart to explore! (And Bo is hilarious in this photo. My dog gets that same look sometimes - I think they tire of the paparazzi ;)

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